Avocado LogomarkHR Avocado is a helpful website for individuals seeking employment; for employers and recruiters seeking candidates; and for individuals and employers seeking HR professional consultant services.  We believe you will love HR Avocado.  Like the avocado fruit, which is healthy and good for your body, HR Avocado can be healthy and good for your business and career.  HR Avocado products and services are reasonably priced for all to benefit.


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  • Career Finder is a place where individuals may find staff-level, manager-level or executive-level employment opportunities.  The contact information, job categories, salaries, time requirements and travel requirements are well-defined and other helpful information is encouraged from the employer. 
  • HR Consultant is the place of contact for HR professional services that include, but are not limited to business, non-profit, and personal services; compensation research; compliance audits; document design; employee relations; independent investigations, job analysis and job descriptions; mediation; performance management, policies and procedures; project management; satisfaction surveys; special issue presentations; training; and talent management  Onsite consultation is often available in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina with other states possibly available in the future.
  • HR Forum is a place for receiving general information in a public forum about a subject of interest from other website users.  It is not a substitute for professional advice and services, but it could prove helpful in gaining general knowledge.
  • HR News is a place for selected reading on the HR-related topics of benefits, candidate helps, compensation, development, diversity, employee relations, ethics, governments, international resources, labor relations, leadership, recruiting, retention, safety, security, technology and training.
  • HR Products is a place for purchasing HR-related products such as forms, job plans, policies, presentations and resume plans.  Items will be gradually added to the inventory, so regular shopping may result in finding a needed item.
  • HR Surveys is a place where you can provide anonymous feedback to employers about your experiences with them as a candidate and/or as an employee.  Feedback is a gift of evaluation and information, so employers should specially note the survey results.  If an employer is not listed that you would like to provide candidate and/or employee feedback, please contact us and we will add them for the surveys.
  • Talent Manager is a place where employers and recruiters can find the right candidate by searching the resume database.  There are excellent persons who are in the workforce or who are seeking work; and they are likely registered with us.

Our posting prices are unmatched for business and personal budget-friendliness.  Why pay a “discount” fee of $200, $400, $600 or even more to post a job?  We think you will love our plans that start as low as $2 to post a job or resume.  For the potential benefit of finding a preferred job or finding a professional talent, as little as $2 can be spent – the approximate cost of an avocado!  Registration is also free to the employer, job seeker, recruiter and visitor.

Our databases are brand new along with Indeed.  Indeed Jobs are available by viewing your profile and browsing by job category in Career Finder or by using one of the specified jobrolls on the sidebar.




Register and vote on your experiences as a candidate and/or as an employee for valuable feedback to the employers.




HR Avocado would like to thank you for visiting our website. It is our hope that this site will serve as a useful source of information and be a positive extension of your career and/or recruiting experience.  We think it is good for you to visit the site often to learn about the best job candidates and best job opportunities; the most recent company survey results; the insightful and interesting answers on the forum; and employment news we all need to know. We believe in providing our clients the best service experience possible.  We are committed to providing the “extra mile” service and exceeding your expectations.  Like someone has said, the road along the extra mile is never crowded.  We are there on that extra mile road when you are with us on our website.  If you would like, introduce yourself on our forum or send us a contact message so that we might become better acquainted.